Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grammy vs. Dentures

First I'd like to say that this is a constant battle. Mainly just keeping them in her mouth. Not in a "OMG my teeth fell out of my mouth mid-sentence!" kind of way. More in a "I take them out whenever I want without any consideration for others" kind of way. Seeing her lips caving into her mouth is NOT hot. (Picture to follow. Maybe.) At any rate, here goes...

[Went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast after bowling on Tuesday morning with a friend. Came home and could not wait to share this.]
Grammy: There was a sign in the bathroom! You know what it said? "Do Not Rinse Teeth In Sink" I can't go out to eat any more.

And she won't either. I should add 'stubborn' right next to miserable and old at the top of the page. Can I get a Amen?!
!@#$ Grammy Says.

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