Monday, March 5, 2012

Grammy: 79 Years Young Today!


Later today I'll be driving you to your foot doctor for your weekly treatment! Where you'll announce turn-by-turn directions from the passenger seat. Even though it literally takes a hop, skip, and a jump to get there. And I take you literally every week.  Meanwhile you'll complain that the seat belt is broken, and try to "hook it on" to my emergency break. Which is probably some sort of code violation and accident waiting to happen, but I wouldn't dare argue. I know better by now not to even have my cell phone in sight while driving with you in the car. Oh, and don't worry, I won't even turn on "that noise," so you won't have to yell at me to turn it down. (Happy Birthday.)

Here's the card I quickly put back on the shelf for you this year:

The much more appropriate one I did choose:

I hope you give me some good material at tonight's dinner.
I will forever cherish your words of wisdom, disgustingly odd cold remedies, and age-old recipes & "techniques" in the kitchen.
Despite what this blog may infer, I actually do love you a ton. I wouldn't have created this if I didn't want to show you off.

Happy Birthday from your favorite. =)
Maybe on your 80th birthday I'll tell you this exists. MAYBE.


!@#$ Grammy Does.
!@#$ Emilee Says. <3 

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