Saturday, April 28, 2012

Grammy The Neighborhood Watchman

The following are a few of the noteworthy comments Grammy has made from her bird's-eye-view chair at the kitchen table as she gazes daily out our bay window...with a purpose:

Grammy: Oh, they're getting their lawn furniture out! They're gonna sit outside.

Grammy: The Smith's haven't had contractors at their house all day today. I haven't seen that white van.

Grammy: One of the Vandy's kids must be sick for days now…that car hasn't moved from the driveway.

Grammy: It's 1 o'clock in the afternoon! What is that kid doing on his swing set? Shouldn't he be in school?

Christmas Time
Grammy: Call over the Smith's; tell them their lights aren't turning on on half their porch.
Emilee: Gram, I'm sure they know.
-----1 week later-----
Grammy: Those lights still aren't working. What are they doing over there?
---> I finally send a very concerned text message to my friend across the street on behalf of Grammy. The next day, he's outside fixing the fuse.
Neighbor (yelling from across the street): Tell Grammy not to worry. We fixed it. Blew a fuse.
Grammy (that night): Hey! The lights are on! Alright!

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